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[Nico Nico Party Susukino] is ticket Free DJ party held every third Wednesday and every last Thursday of the month. DJs are playing Anime songs, Game music, idle songs, VOCALOID, etc as Song familiar to fans of Nico Nico Douga.
Otaku, cosplayer, students after school, workers on after office, and strangers of that stuff are crowded with various people.

Day and time

From March 2018 will be held
twice a month!

every 3rd Wednesday of the Month
every last Thursday of the Month

Next party is 20th Jan, 2019
it will start about at 18:30
if you are cosplayer, you can admission at 17:00
(Changing room will very crowded, so, if you do Cosplay, please come quickly.)


Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo, Minami 7 Jonishi, 4 Chome, "SUSUKINO-KAIKAN" Bld 4F
Please see >> here << for the access method.


minimum 1 order systerm.
Please order 1 drink at the entrance.


This event recommend cosplay participation.
There is a changing room in the hall.
You can take pictures >> like this << .


Organizer / staff

Anison DJ Circle that is based in Sapporo City.
official LINE account
circle "FIGHTING DREAMERS" official LINE account
send you some informations.
Charactor Design



Rules of cosplay shooting

When you want to take a picture of a cosplayer, do not shoot without permission, please be sure to obtain permission from himself.
Also, be sure to get permission even when you want to put photos on SNS etc. Japanese cosplayers and their costumes are very delicate.
Also, there are customs in Japan that you should not go hug or kiss unnecessarily.
You must behave gentlemanly.

Age restriction and proof of status

Because of the event to be held at night, those under the age of 18 can not participate.
Please bring your driver's license, passport, etc. for checking your age.

how to Party?

Your first NICOPASU

I want to go NICOPASU, but I don't know how to join...
if you think so? its OKAY, Take it Easy!!

Colonel, the route of the dance party is?

There are no advance tickets and special infiltration routes. Everyone can participate by going to the venue.
Also, this event is free of entrance fee, so please try participating in "About to go try".
【CAUTION】 Since this event can not be re-entrant, if you leave the venue once again, we will accept the entrance again.

You sure that's enough armor?

This event can be participated with cosplay.
There is a changing room & luggage storage in the venue so you can change before and after the event.
Of course, you can also participate in casual wear.
if you don't have any Costume, No problem. Everything's fine.

I can not do dancing...

This event is "Club Event" but, not "must do dance".
however, You can more enjoy be able to dance.
we recommend you to practice, example "Luca Luca Night Fever" and "Happy Synthesizer" and so on.


Place of the venue

Venue:Bar Locotonte
To enlarge by clicking on the photo.

To enlarge by clicking on the photo.

Panorama View

It is a picture taken using RICOH THETA.

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